Transfer money to another person is never as easy

WanChat is especially created to suit the socio-cultural of ASEAN. The multiracial ethnic group gravitate toward each other economically, and on the reverse, solidarity, and unity can be further enhanced to promote trade and peace with things that the people and member states of ASEAN commonly shared, such as WanChat.


Money Transfer


Chat as you would. WanChat catches up with a chat addict. Old chat are auto-deleted within 24 hours unless they are deliberately preserved. This auto-burn-messages feature frees up space on smartphone without having to spend extra time to do just delete.

>Group Collaboration

Group Collaboration

Ever get upset of being added in a group without prior asking? Where is the manners? Group in WanChat is polite. It asks for your permission to join a group and you don't feel bad not joining.

Money Transfer

Money Transfer

This is a relief. How much money can be saved. There is no charges for transfer below MYR5,000 daily. Man, banks must be hating it.

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